poptart_emo (poptart_emo) wrote,

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ever the peacock

belated reunion

1 lying insults are nice
2 cheap life
1 there is no love in leaving
2 without me life goes on
1 best of us
2 hug me
1 loser
2 love me
1 *laugh*
2 just another touch
1 person to person
2 never slow
1 our path is washed clean
2 leave us here for ever
1 love
2 i can hear him
1 hurry up and get younger
2 without me you laugh-
1 hate is little
2 -at me
1 everyone wins forever
2 tiny horrors bite at my heart
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this is conversation between two people. (they are not gender specific) the first one being the dominant in the relationship, the second is the submissive. #1 is very controlling and gets what it wants, and often protects #2 from the outside world, only to unleash something worse behind closed doors. around the 13th line #2 realizes this, and starts to retaliate. during #1's last two lines it is trying to convince #2 to come back (in other words, apologizing)
so yeah... not my best, but i like it